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Science academy awards

09 May 2011 | Fatima Measham

Science academy awardsA number of religious people throughout history have turned to science to better understand God. Australian Catholics recognises some of the most influential.

A letter to Dawkins

09 May 2011 | Michael McGirr

A letter to DawkinsDear Richard Dawkins,
Many thanks for your kind letter asking if you could borrow the Easter Candle from our school chapel. I appreciate that large candles are hard to find and are excellent for teaching the skills of scientific observation.

A letter to Kate

09 Mar 2011 | Michael McGirr

A letter to KateDear Miss Middleton,
Thank you for your enquiry about celebrating your wedding in our school chapel in April. Allow me to try to answer some of your questions.

The Church in 2061

09 Mar 2011 | Fatima Measham

The Church in 2061We asked writer Fatima Measham to imagine what the Church might look like in 50 years time, and how some of the technological possibilities we see today might change the way we connect with each other, and with God.

All about Saints

04 Oct 2010 | Mary Manning

Busting the myths of saints.

Christmas in heaven

04 Oct 2009 | Mary Manning

Christmas in heavenThe red carpet has been rolled out. Thousands, millions, of lights twinkle overhead and angels, large and small, fly around directing a few reindeer that seem to have lost their way.

Oh, Homie

06 Aug 2009 | Fatima Measham

Marriage foibles make for good comedy, but what can we learn about relationships from couples on television?

Catholic TV Guide

04 Jan 2009

Catholic TV guideThe Catholic Church has been featured in a range of television shows over the years. We've put together a Catholic TV Guide to highlight some of the most memorable programs.

Cartoon wisdom

04 Jan 2009 | Jen Vuk

Cartoon wisdomAnimated films like WALL-E aren't just fun for kids. They also have something to teach us about life.

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