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Classroom reflections and activities

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What have the saints to teach us? Questions and activities

22 May 2019 | Michele Frankeni

Read Life lessons from the saints in the Winter 2019 edition of Australia Catholics and take part in the various questions and activities.

Cyberbullying: Questions and activities

13 May 2019 | Michael McVeigh

Read Resisting cyberbullying in the Winter 2019 edition and take part in the various questions and activities. 

Quiz – Saints in the wilderness

07 May 2019

How well do you know your saints?

Gaming the gospels: Would I lie to you?

07 May 2019

In this activity students are asked to think about the temptations they face in their lives.

Indigenous languages

07 May 2019

A new Australian 50 cent coin and a First Languages Map are highlighting Australia's Indigenous languages.

Freedom of religion: questions and reflections

07 May 2019 | James O'Brien

Read Freedom of religion: What is all the fuss about? in Australian Catholics and take part in the various reflections and activities.

A letter to a young doctor

07 May 2019 | Michael McGirr

Regular columnist Michael McGirr writes to a young doctor, thanking her for showing Year 10 students around a mosque and talking about faith and wellbeing.

Rules of conflict: questions and reflections

02 May 2019 | Michele Frankeni

A number of armed conflicts are occurring around the world, but even in times of war there are laws. These reflections and activities encourage students to explore how a rights-based view on the world can shape our response to events – looking at examples from pop culture. 


The Crucifixion equation – questions and reflections

26 Mar 2019 | James O'Brien

Read Mercy, maths and the Crucifixion in Australian Catholics and take part in the various reflections and activities.

A teen with a mission: Reflections and activities

19 Mar 2019 | James O'Brien

Reflection questions and activities to accompany 'A teen with a mission' in the Summer 2019 edition. 

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