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Reflection questions & activities: 'Louder than words'

27 Feb 2014 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for the article 'Louder than words' in the Summer 2014 edition.

Louder than words

08 Jan 2014 | Nadine Rabah

Alicia Deak prefers to let her actions do all the talking when it comes to her faith.

AC Classroom: Stories of hope - Maxine

08 Jan 2014

How does someone break out of a destructive lifestyle? The following is an extract from Stories of Hope, a new book from the Melbourne Archdiocesan Office for Evangelisation.

Sister Hilda’s healing touch

08 Oct 2013 | Michele Gierck

Sister Hilda Scott says that her vocation is to help people confront the pain in their lives.

Class discussion: Aspire to inspire

01 Sep 2013

Classroom discussion for 'Faith like Oxygen' from the Spring 2013 edition

Broadening the ideal of beauty

01 Aug 2013 | Lauren Muscat

Dannielle Miller once wrote a love letter in acceptance and gratitude to her own body. This is the essence of what she teaches young women to do: define beauty for themselves and not in comparison with magazine covers.

Faith like oxygen

01 Aug 2013 | Emily Ressia

Defying her doctors, Michelle Newland awoke from a vegetative state and fulfilled her dream of being a teacher - in her own way.

No ordinary girl

01 Aug 2013 | Emily Ressia

A story about a young girl who didn't see the special things others saw in her.

Searching for a GPS

08 May 2013 | Jessica Ali, Josephine Walton and Nicola Nemaric

Searching for a GPSThe Church is a place where people can find guidance, community and spirituality. Where do young people find these things today? We asked some of them to share their thoughts.

Raising believers and raising non-believers

08 May 2013

Raising believers and raising non-believersWe live in a community with people of many different beliefs, and with those who don't hold any religious belief. Yet in things like raising and caring for our children, there are more things we hold in common than those that differentiate us.











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