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Prayer blog: Loneliness

31 Aug 2016 | Susie Hii

I first heard of loneliness from the Dutch Catholic priest Henri Nouwen - in his books. Since then I have read many other people, priests, single and divorced people writing and talking about loneliness. People living on their own may feel particularly lonely because physically, there is no one around them. However, not everyone who is alone feels lonely, and when we are surrounded by people, we may still feel lonely. Being alone and being lonely are not synonymous.

Online exclusive: The iron nun

17 Aug 2016 | Clare Deignan

Sister Madonna Buder never runs a race alone. She has competed in more than 360 triathlons, 45 Ironman competitions and more marathons than she can remember. The sister from the USA says she just does her best and lets God carry her the rest of the way.

Prayer blog: Blessed by the mess of the princess

06 Jul 2016 | Peta Edmonds

The angel of healing has come into my life in different ways. For me, looking up to different figures has been a help for me. There is one figure that stands out. She stands out with a halo of light because she, the Princess, always liked hats and they went well with her golden hair. 

Home Truths: Mercy me

31 May 2016 | Kate Moriarty

Sometimes I feel like I have to wait for my children to move out before I can become a holy person. Or a sane person.

From the archive: Of rosary beads and Ramadan

18 May 2016 | Beth Doherty

A young Catholic and a young Muslim learn they have a lot on common, including a shared devotion to Mary and a love of beaches. 

Reflection questions and activities for 'From the archive: Of rosary beads and Ramadan'

18 May 2016 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for 'From the archive: Of rosary beads and Ramadan' 

Reflection questions and activities for 'A World Youth Day pilgrim’s song'

13 May 2016 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for 'A World Youth Day pilgrim’s song' in the Easter 2016 edition

Prayer blog: Steps in prayer

07 May 2016 | Peta Edmonds

Lately I pray from my Grandmother’s morning and evening prayer book. One of the lines from my favourite prayer is for a quiet mind and a clean heart. I kneel on a little green elephant cushion (elephants were my Grandma’s favourite animal) with a posture of a straight back and a bowed head, a bit like the posture you adopt in the writing process. First I pray from the heart and then I read a prayer from the book. 

Prayer blog: From surviving to living

16 Mar 2016 | Mary O’Brien

Recently, I was asked to talk about survival. Yet, the things I’ve survived aren’t a patch on some of the issues others have survived. Some people have survived horrendous upbringings, illness, accidents, natural disasters, crime, injustice, or other catastrophes. Mine are what people call ‘first world problems’.

A World Youth Day pilgrim’s song

10 Mar 2016 | Michael McVeigh

Up-and-coming country musician Teaghan Pugsley has been nurtured in Catholic youth ministry activities over the years.











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