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Young writers

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Long way home

10 Aug 2010 | James Lawler

Forging a new identity, fleeing your beloved homeland and undertaking a perilous journey across open seas on a crowded smuggler's ship would be a daunting task for anyone, but when Yasir Hussani was seven years old, it all seemed like a big adventure.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner up: Son of a preacher man

10 Aug 2010 | Henriette Tkalec

Fire: a destroyer, but also a strength.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: To smack, or not to smack?

10 Aug 2010 | Grace Hargreaves

Why do parents smack their children? It's a thing we kids don't talk about much, but I have always wondered about it, though never asked anybody.

Young Journalist Award Senior Winner: The garden of Egypt

06 Aug 2009 | Rachel McCann

John Parentich was just ten years old when he and his family fled their home in Croatia during the Nazi invasion of World War Two. 'If we had waited three days, my family would have been dead.'

Young Journalist Award Senior Runner-up: The story of Ly An Tran

06 Aug 2009 | Debbie Bui

Living in a country ruled by an enemy has proven to be difficult beyond compare. Ly An Tran shares her tale. Her epic journey to Australia is truly a story of survival.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Winner: Working in the Mercy spirit

06 Aug 2009 | Grace Sheahan

From a very early age, Marion Guthrie felt inspired by the work of missionary Mercy Sisters overseas. It was during her time at St Columbus Primary School in Ballarat that Marion first became intrigued by missionaries, after seeing photographs of sisters overseas holding malnourished African babies.

Young Journalist Award Intermediate Runner up: To smile despite it all

06 Aug 2009 | Angelyn Delmo

Everyone has lost someone, or even something, which they've deeply loved.

Young Journalist Award Junior Winner: The life of a very special nun

06 Aug 2009 | Antonia Langenegger Genazzano

Not everyone understands how special it is to be a nun and fewer understand the work they do.

Young Journalist Award Junior Runner up: A different generation

06 Aug 2009 | Jordan Jane Allan

Many times I've heard this story about my greatgrandfather, Eric Gordan Moebus and his life at war, when world travel was just a dream and ships took three long months to get to England. Plane travel was very expensive with only the rich and famous being able to afford this luxury.

Writing with purpose

04 Jan 2009 | Catherine Taggart

Writing with purposeEmmanuel College Warnambool teacher Catherine Taggart built the Australian Catholics Young Journalist Award into her class planning last year, and had six students receive recognition in the award. Here, she shares her secrets.

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