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Unguarded moments: Sharing Christ's table

03 Apr 2010 | Ann Rennie

There is one ingredient that makes any meal a special celebration.

Many ways to praise

03 Mar 2010 | Beth Doherty

Many ways to praiseYoung people searching for a deeper experience of God will find a Mass that expresses their faith best.

Voices from the outside

03 Mar 2010 | Michael McVeigh

Voices from the outsideSocial justice is an important part of our faith. But is that always apparent in our liturgies?

Take this bread

03 Mar 2010 | Liz Lillis

Take this breadWhat is it about the Mass that most strongly moves people? We ask three busy Australians, who are often on the road as part of their Catholic ministry roles, to reflect on memorable experiences of liturgy.

Franco’s Way

03 Mar 2010 | Fatima Measham

Franco's WayThe Stations of the Cross are a big part of the liturgical celebrations each Easter. Two years ago, Fr Franco Cavarra directed the Stations of the Cross at World Youth Day. Fatima Measham asks him about his experiences, and what advice he has for parishes planning their own ceremonies.

Changes in liturgy

03 Mar 2010 | Fr Andrew Hamilton

Changes in liturgyChange and difference in Catholic liturgy have been in the news recently. Provisions will be made for Anglican congregations and clergy who wish to join the Catholic Church. These may include the possibility of celebrating the liturgy in the distinctive form they have developed.


03 Mar 2010 | Carmel Williams

We were all a bit nervous that first night. What was in store for us? What would we gain? More importantly, how much of ourselves would we be expected to give?

Reflection: Prayers from other faiths

24 Dec 2009 |

Reflection on prayers from other faiths from the Summer 2010 edition

Reflection: Prayers of saints

06 Oct 2009 |

Reflection on prayers of saints from the Christmas 2009 edition

Prayers for a child

29 Apr 2009 | Fatima Measham

A feeling of vulnerability often leads us to prayer, and there's never been a more vulnerable experience for me than being a mother.

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141-150 out of 150 results.