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Following a desire to do more

04 Mar 2012 | Michele Gierck

Following a desire to do moreA couple's experience of volunteering overseas began with a 'niggling dissatisfaction' with life here in Australia.

Shining in the dark

12 Dec 2011 | Ann Doyle

Shining in the darkWhat can we learn about what it means to be a good person from people whose experiences are very different from our own?

The long journey home

09 Oct 2011 | Fatima Measham

The long journey homeMore than 7.2 million people are living in protracted refugee situations (defined as being longer than five years away from home) around the world, waiting for some hope of getting away from insecurity and persecution. Yves Zihalirwa is one of the lucky ones to have found a home away from the camps.

Sharing the gift of a new life

09 Oct 2011 | Marguerite Marshall

Sharing the gift of a new life A member of a previous generation of refugees has devoted his life to helping people in his former country, first to find a new home, and now to receive life-altering surgery.

Finding answers in the stars

09 May 2011 | Fatima Measham

Finding answers in the starsThe Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest scientific institutions in the world, continuing a tradition of scientific exploration in the Church that stretches back centuries.

Head to head with athiests

09 May 2011 | Ashleigh Green

Head to head with atheistsRev Dr John Polkinghorne is an English theoretical physicist, theologian and priest, whose recent book Questions of Truth: Fifty-one responses to Questions about God, Science and Belief (co-authored with Nicolas Beale) seeks to find a new, complementary model of science and religion.

Believing in Darwin

09 May 2011 | Virginia Small

Believing in DarwinScience teacher and Jesuit Father Terry Kelly SJ speaks to journalist Virginia Small about how he opens students up to new ways of thinking about science and religion.

Sustainable communities

23 Dec 2010 | Damian Griffin

Sustainable field of dreamsWhen St Francis of the Fields Primary School was awarded its five-star Sustainable Schools rating in November 2004, the first for any school in Victoria, it not only marked an auspicious moment for the school, it also acknowledged the project that had transformed the career of Catholic school teacher Paul Dullard.

Stories that carry us

23 Dec 2010 | Catherine Marshall

Stories that carry usAlice Nelson finds inspiration in her encounters with people on the margins.

Living relationships

23 Dec 2010 | Michael Mcveigh

Living relationshipsCaring for the environment is about changing the way we see ourselves in relation to the world around us.

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