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A letter to Pompey Elliott

29 Jan 2015 | Michael McGirr

Dear Harold ‘Pompey’ Elliott, Once upon a time, your name was one of the best known in Australia. Practically every school child in Australia in the 1920s wrote an assignment about you. I wonder now how many people know your name. We have much to learn from your story, not least about the nature of leadership.

Winning the day

29 Jan 2015 | Ann Rennie

We can ride through the stormy weather or we can succumb to it. It’s a choice we make each day.

Online exclusive: Seven biblical lessons on resolving conflict

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29 Jan 2015 | Clare Deignan

Like most good books, the Bible has plenty of stories of dramatic conflict. But what can these stories teach us about dealing with violence in our own lives? 

God's gift to the losers

26 Oct 2014 | Michael McVeigh

What makes hope perhaps God’s greatest gift is that it’s aimed not at winners, but almost exclusively at the losers of the world.

A letter to Robin Williams

26 Oct 2014 | Michael McGirr

Dear Robin Williams, I was so sad to hear of your sudden death in August. For many years, whenever I had to think of the people I had to invite to my ideal dinner party, your name was always on the list.

It’s a wonderful life

26 Oct 2014 | Ann Rennie

At Christmas we celebrate Christ’s birth and the hope that it brings. But that hope is reborn with each new life that is brought into the world.

The world will say you are silly!

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26 Oct 2014 | Brian Doyle

Receiving some off-the-cuff wisdom from one of the world’s most respected religious leaders.


26 Jul 2014 | Michael McVeigh

Welcome to our special youth edition of Australian Catholics.

Confessions of a practising Catholic

26 Jul 2014 | Neve Mahoney

It takes courage to be open about your faith at the risk of being ridiculed.

Am I Catholic enough?

26 Jul 2014 | Emma Quinn

What's expected of me as a young Catholic? Am I supposed to be comfortable jumping up and down and praising Jesus? Or is it okay if I prefer to keep my faith to myself?

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