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Christ is alive

07 May 2019

Five takeaways from Pope Francis’ letter on young people and the Church, Christus Vivit, which was released in April.

Mummy time

07 May 2019 | Kate Moriarty

‘If Mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’

Walking with God

07 May 2019

Pictures from a Walking with God in Nature Prayer Day at Sherbrooke Forest, Melbourne.

When something shatters

13 Feb 2019 | Kate Moriarty

Family life is the first place we learn about relationships – both how they break and how to mend them.

Saints for all seasons: St Francis of Assisi

12 Feb 2019 | Peter Fleming

St Francis of Assisi was indeed a brother to all creation.

Small 'r' reconciliation

05 Feb 2019 | Ann Rennie

Reconciliation begins in the home.

Setting some new KPIs

10 Nov 2018 | Ann Rennie

As we look towards the new year, perhaps we need to set ourselves some new goals so we can work towards everyday holiness.

How do you communion?

10 Nov 2018 | Michele Frankeni

For us Catholics, the Eucharist belongs to us all. The sacrament is special, but we don’t have to be special to receive it.

Sport and Christian joy

10 Nov 2018 | Fr Paul A McGavin

sport iconsCan sports bring us closer to God? Pope Francis certainly thinks so.

Living on a prayer

08 Nov 2018 | Kate Moriarty

Sometimes we wonder if we’re getting through when we try to get our children to pray. But special moments provide encouragement.

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