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27 April 2016

Now Australian Catholics magazine brings you videos, using multi-media resources to capture the imagination of your students and bring faith to life in your classroom! 

Faith education

Video: One man & his cathedral

10 August 2016 | Staff

For 53 years, Justo Gallego has devoted his days to building a cathedral by hand on his land on the outskirts of Madrid. 

Video: Jesus' Olympic feats

20 July 2016 |

What were Jesus’ greatest achievements? How do we ‘win’ or ‘lose’ as Christians? Watch our new original video and learn what Jesus’ version of the Olympics might be like. 

Video: Jesus' social network

27 April 2016 |

What was it like to 'friend' Jesus? Find out about friendship and forgiveness in the Gospels in this video from Australian Catholics magazine.

Video: Judge Jesus

26 January 2016 |

When we sin, what kind of judgement can we expect from the highest court authority of all – God? Watch our new original video, ‘Judge Jesus’, and learn about sin and forgiveness in the Gospels.

Video: Jesus the foodie - including questions and classroom activities

04 November 2015 | Michael McVeigh

Food was a big part of Jesus' life and ministry. Explore 'Jesus the foodie' in this video, then check out the Christmas 2015 edition of Australian Catholics magazine for more resources exploring food and faith.