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RE-cycled: Sharing the best of Australian Catholic educators

07 October 2015

Do you have a religious education lesson plan or activity that has really captured the imagination of your students? Australian Catholics magazine has created a space where RE teachers can share their successes with other RE teachers across the country.


Faith education

RE-cycled: Refugee Awareness Raiser

30 January 2017 |

This year, Red Bend Catholic College raised awareness about the services offered by Mercy Care and Marist Youth Care, in particular, the assistance of Unaccompanied Humanitarian Minors (Refugees). 

RE-cycled: Year of Mercy quilt

07 December 2016 |

Victorian students at St Timothy's school fill Christmas Angel Boxes for less-fortunate children and design a Year of Mercy quilt.

RE-cycled: Biodiversity and sustainability

30 November 2016 |

Year 3 students plant a biodiverse ‘Barramundi’ garden at St Finbar’s, East Brighton, VIC.

The Cardoner Project: Student immersion

24 August 2016 |

The Cardoner Project, a ministry of the Jesuits, is a not-for-profit, university student-focused hub for volunteering that offers assistance to disadvantaged communities both locally and abroad. With a mission to deepen human, spiritual, and intellectual formation, young men and women involved with The Cardoner Project are grounded in a love of the poor in the service of the Church.

RE-cycled: Walking in the shoes of refugees

17 August 2016 |

Year-12 students Austin Deppeler, Alex Oakes and Jasmin Mathews along with their teachers Mr Kieran Kiely and Mrs Shirley Dagmang put themselves in the shoes of Syrian refugees to raise money for much needed food, medicine and support and to raise awareness for refugees who have lost everything.

RE-cycled: 90 for 90 - An anniversary charity campaign

01 June 2016 |

This year St Rita’s College celebrates its 90th anniversary. To celebrate, students are throwing off the ‘Me-generation’ label and getting involved in 90 different local charities and organizations. 

RE-cycled: Early Christian Communities

20 April 2016 | Geraldine Martin

This RE-cycled activity uses Bloom’s Taxonomy and Multiple Intelligences to assess students learning as the lesson is progressing throughout the term. 

RE-cycled: Compassion for Asylum Seekers

02 March 2016 | Jim Finlayson, RE Teacher at Aquinas College

An RE-cycled activity on Compassion for asylum seekers from Aquinas College, Ringwood, VIC.

RE-cycled: Red Bend Catholic College's Homeless Sleepover Challenge

02 December 2015 |

Red Bend Catholic College Year eight and 12 students take up Homeless Sleepover Challenge.


RE-cycled: Indigenous culture with rapper Philly

18 November 2015 | RE staff at Marymede Catholic College

RE staff at Marymede Catholic College have fast-tracked their course material into the 21st century and brought RE to life for their students. 

RE-cycled: 'Building Christian Communities'

07 October 2015 |

For our first RE-cycled activity, we bring you a RE writing assignment from Robert Herrera a teacher of Science, LOTE & Religious Education at Catholic Regional College North Keilor in Victoria.