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Student hike: reflections and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  15 November 2018

hike cradle mountainRead Four days in the elements in Australian Catholics Summer 2018/19 edition and take part in the following reflections and activities.


  • The students who did the hike felt positive about the bonds they made with each other and the environment after the hike. Why do you think that was?
  • Do you think you would struggle without your phone/music for four days?
  • What do you think would be your biggest challenge?
  • Why do you think they felt much more concern about the environment after the walk?
  • What was the examen?


Plan a hike of your own. It doesn’t have to be overnight, look for day walking trails in your area. Where are you going? Is it hard, reasonably easy? Is there disabled access. Can everybody in your group do it, or is training needed? What would you need to take? What are the safety measures you should take – first aid, clothing, food, communication (who is responsible for taking a phone?) What are the sights you expect to see? 

After your planning session, hold your own examen and reflect on your project. Sit in a circle, facing each other, and go around the circle, clockwise, so everyone has an opportunity to speak and be heard.

For younger students

The college students on the hike were getting to know their environment better. It was four days enjoying God’s creation. How do you think God cares for his creation? Catholics believe God is involved with his creation, including us.

Think about where you see God’s love care. Where do you see God working: at home?, at school?, in the world?, and in the environment?

Go into your home or school yard and look at the environment around you. What can you see? Do you have animals you care for? How do you do that?

Are the plants growing or do they need water, sunshine or shade? How do you know what they need?

Once you’ve thought of where you see God, meet in groups to discuss answers. Remember, it is important to look for God everywhere, even in the ordinary things.

Either as a class or individually take on a project where you care for something – a pet, or plant. Write about how you’re going to look after it, where you will look for help, and keep a diary for a couple of weeks on your care routine.



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