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Reflection questions and activities for 'Under an orange sky'

Clare Deignan  |  01 June 2016

Read the article ‘Under an orange sky' and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. Nick and Lucas named their mobile laundry service Orange Sky Laundry after a song they found inspiring. Why do you think music and lyrics can inspire humans to action? Explain. 

2. How did volunteering in secondary schools pave the way for Nick and Lucas to co-found Orange Sky Laundry?

3. What does having a pair of clean clothes mean to you? What do you think this service gives to homeless people? 

4. Lucas says Orange Sky Laundry’s core mission is connection. What does connection have to do with laundry?

5. Why do you think there is loneliness in our society? Why is there a dis-connection from community? How does this affect all of us not just the homeless?


1. Your own initiative: In groups of two or three, brainstorm ideas for a social justice initiative that you could start in your area. 

Then write a plan for your initiative: What is your initiative? What’s its name? Who would the initiative serve? What’s your mission? Why is it different? Who would you need to support your initiative? How many volunteers would you need? Where would you like it to be located? Is it meant to serve one community or would you like it to grow? How do you plan on fundraising? What other organisations could you look to for guidance and support?

Students can then create a presentation showcasing their initiative to their class using presentation software, poster board or video.

2. Fundraiser: As a class vote on a charity to raise money to support. Then, with the help of your teacher and school administration plan a fundraiser at your school to raise money for a charity that matters to your class. It could be anything: a bake sale, a car boot sale, a jog-a-thon, a raffle or any great idea that will raise lots of funds! 

For younger students

Social justice inventor: Nick and Lucas created an initiative that no one had ever tried before. In pairs, brainstorm social justice services that may seem ‘too big’ or ‘not realistic’, but could really help people. Who knows maybe it could work. Pick your favourite idea! Then, you and your partner can draw a diagram of how your initiative could work on a poster board. 

When you’re finished, share your social justice invention with your class! 




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