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Reflection questions and activities for ‘Can love make a way to justice?’

Clare Deignan  |  11 August 2016

Read the article ‘Can love make a way to justice?’ and answer the following questions. Then share your answers in pairs, small groups or in a classroom discussion.

1. Brigidine Sister Jane Keogh says she got involved with Love Makes A Way, because she was desperate. Why do you think Sister Jane was desperate to help asylum seekers?

2. Would you ever risk being arrested for a cause? Why or why not? If yes, what cause would you risk being arrested for? 

3. Sister Jane writes, ‘When a group breaks the law this creates an uncomfortable tension, highlights the situation and forces people to confront the issue’. Do you agree with her? Why or why not?

4. Why do you think it is difficult for Sister Jane to stand up against authority and commit acts of non-violent resistance? 

5. Not all Christians agree with Sister Jane. Why do you think some Christians may disagree with Australia accepting detained asylum seekers into our society? 

6. Do you believe love can make a way? How have you seen love make a difference in our world? 

Enquiry activity

1. After reading the article ‘Can love make a way to justice?’, what do you think of the work Love Makes a Way does?

2. How are the Australian government, the Catholic Church and other churches, and regular Australians reacting to the Love Makes a Way movement? (If you’re not sure, look it up online.) Are they in support or against this movement? 

a. How do these different groups react to asylum seekers and refugees?

b. Explain the different arguments and reasons these groups may react the way they do.

3. Put yourself in the shoes of government officials. Can you see why they feel the way they do? What about Christians and church leaders? Imagine being in their position. How is their responsibility different than that of the government? What about regular Australians? What’s it like to see the refugee issue from their point of view? 

4. Write a reflection on what you learned from answering the questions above.

Further learning activities

1. Love Makes A Way in schools: Break up into groups of three or four to brainstorm ideas for a Love Makes A Way campaign at your school. You may not want to risk arrest, but what could you do to raise awareness about the plight of asylum seekers and refugees? When you’ve created your campaign, share it with your class. Then, the class can vote on the best campaign and with the help of your teacher and principal make your campaign a reality.

2. An 'interview' with a peace activist: Alone or with a partner, research online a non-violent peace activist (some examples include Mahatma Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Malal Yousafzai, Martin Luther King Jr). Where were they from? What was their cause? Were they always a peace activist? What did they achieve? Whom did they inspire? When you've finished your research, prepare a script for a pretend interview with that person exploring their life and work. Imagine what contemporary issues most concern them and what message they might have for people today?

When you're finished, you can present your interview to your class. 

For younger students

Love Makes A Way: Each student should pick a word that they think symbolises the Love Makes a Way movement, such as love, peace, sacrifice, helping or commitment. Once students have chosen a word, allow them to share their word and why they chose it with their class. Students can then draw a poster raising awareness about asylum seekers rights and the Love Makes A Way movement.


Topic tags: refugees, heroesandrolemodels, volunteeringandtakingaction, buildingpeace

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