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Mystery of the Trinity questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  31 October 2019

Read the Mystery of the Trinity in the Summer 2019/20 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • Who is the God to whom you pray?
  • Why does Fr Andrew say the answer to that shapes the way in which we pray?
  • How has Jesus changed our way of thinking of God?
  • Why should we not be anxious about neglecting the Father, Son or Spirit if we do not think of them in our prayer?


Research exercise: What are some of the images/metaphors that people have used to represent the Trinity and its various aspects? [For example, a number of metaphors are mentioned in the article The disciple whom Jesus loved.] Choose one image and analyse it in light of this article – how well does it encompass your understanding of the Father, Son and Spirit? In what ways does it not capture the mystery of God?

Prayer: Consider what is important to you when you pray. Work out what encourages you in your prayer and incorporate that when you next pray.

For younger students

Read or summarise the Mystery of the Trinity. Talk with the students about the Trinity (The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the Trinity. God made us. Jesus his Son brings us God’s love. The Holy Spirit brings us peace. God made us out of love. Love and peace are God’s gifts to us.)

Glory Be with actions

This allows the children to use gestures to associate the words with the meanings of the Doxology.

Have the children form a circle. Lead the group in the following hand motions for the Glory Be to the Father.

When you pray, ‘As it was in the Beginning,’ stretch your arms out parallel to the ground. When you pray, ‘Is now and ever shall be,’ stretch your arm straight above your head. When you pray, ‘World without End’ curve your arms around as if you were carrying the world in your arms, with your finger tips touching one another. When you say, ‘Amen,’ fold your hands together in prayer.

Repeat the prayer asking the children to watch you put all the actions together.

Have the children join you in the prayer the next time.


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