Media internship program

The editor 1 February 2021

The Australian Catholics media internship program offers Year 10 and 11 students the chance to get experience in journalism and be the guest editors of the Spring edition of our magazine.

Australian Catholics is offering a chance for Year 10 and 11 students across Australia to apply for our media internship program in 2021. This is an exciting opportunity for students interested in a career in journalism, communications, media or publishing.

The internship program has been running since 2011, giving young people the chance to spend a week learning from professionals in media and publishing while gaining hands-on experience writing and editing articles for the magazine.

About the program

This year's program will take place online from 10 to 14 May. Successful applicants will join the rest of our guest editorial team and our staff via teleconference throughout the week to plan, workshop and write articles for the Spring edition. There is no cost for students to participate in the program. 

Our editorial team will have the chance to learn how a magazine edition is developed, engaging in the creative thinking and planning that begins the process. We ensure they understand all the elements that bring together a publication, as well as giving them specific focus as they produce their own articles for publication. 

In addition, the students will have the opportunity to attend presentations from journalists and other media professionals who have an intimate knowledge of the media and publishing industries. These will include experienced editors and journalists working in the field; younger media professionals currently finding their creative voice in the industry; and perspectives from visual media professionals who know how to tell compelling stories with a range of technology.

After the edition hits the streets in August, we'll also invite students, teachers and families to a special online launch event. 

Before you apply

Students looking to apply for the program will need the support of their school, and a nominated teacher contact. We highly recommend that schools allow students to take a week out of class for the program - either to participate from school or from home depending on the students' circumstances. 

The days will run from 9am to 3.30pm. Each day has a morning and afternoon 'newsroom' where students check in via videoconference and provide an update on their progress with their stories. Workshops and presentations will generally take place in the mornings, with the students then given offline time to work on their articles during the afternoons. Some space will also be provided for students to work together on shared stories. 

We will require schools and students to ensure they can connect with the team via videoconferencing. Students will be required to complete their stories for the magazine in the weeks after the internship program ahead of the deadline in June.

Students looking to apply for the program will need: 

  • A cover note explaining why they're applying for the program.

  • Three samples of their writing. The samples should be diverse, and represent their interests as well as something of their skills. As well as writing skills, we're looking for the interests and experiences people might bring to the program. 

  • An endorsement letter from a teacher indicating participation is possible within the school's program.

  • Contact details for the student, their parents and for the teacher so that we can provide information about the week.

The deadline for applications for this year's program is Monday 15 March.

Successful applicants will be advised by the close of Term 1. Students who are unsuccessful will still be given the opportunity to contribute to future editions of the magazine via our young writers community (see more details below). 




If you have any further questions about the program, or if you require more detailed information, please feel free to contact our staff at [email protected]


More opportunities for young writers

Young writer's community

Are you a secondary student or university student aged 15 to 25? Are you interested in writing?

We’ve started a young writer’s community at Australian Catholics, with opportunities to have your work featured in our magazine.

The community is open to young writers, as well as parents and teachers of young writers. 

Fill out this online form to have your name added to our list so you can stay informed about upcoming editions and other opportunities.

Please note: It is a requirement from the Australian Jesuit Province that we copy in parents on any email to people under the age of 18. Those in this age group must provide a parent contact who will also be included on emails to them.

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