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Lockdown and families – questions and activities

24 July 2020

Read Family life under lockdown in the Australian Catholics winter 2020 edition and take part in the questions and activities.


  • How would you answer the questions put to the Rich family? That is:

– How have the shutdowns affected relationships in your family?

  • How are you still connecting with extended family or other friends?
  • What have you seen in the community that has inspired you?
  • How has lockdown/restrictions affected celebrations of family life?
  • Has the pandemic and its effects changed your view of life and what it means to live together in community?
  • Are you participating/have you participated in any special activities to bring together your family, school or parish community?


Staying together while keeping apart

  1. Develop a plan for a social gathering you can have with family, friends or class online. It can be a short prayer service, a book club, a family birthday. How can you make everyone feel included?
  2. Hugs and handshakes are not safe during the pandemic. What ways can you come up with to acknowledge people when you meet? Develop a poster itemising your ideas.


  1. The wearing of face masks has become mandatory in Melbourne and there is a national conversation about whether that mandate should be further widened. Write a short statement / essay outlining the medical and social reasons for wearing masks. Are there Biblical passages on care for each other you can use to bolster the argument.
  2. Research masks and mask wearing throughout the ages and in different cultures and religions. Put together a poster to illustrate your research.


  1. The Bible is full of stories of people who have been in danger but trusted in the Lord – for example, the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt (as below), Joseph being sold into slavery, St Peter in prison. Select a passage and put yourself there. How do you feel? What are your saying to God?


Read or summarise Family life under lockdown in the Australian Catholics winter 2020 edition and talk to the students about what their family is doing differently. Read to them Matthew 2:13-23 – the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt and talk with them about how Mary and Joseph may have felt. Then take part in the following activity.

Explore the story of the flight of the Holy Family into Egypt

Purpose: The children will be able to demonstrate their understanding of the meaning of the angel’s words – Do not be afraid.

  1. Invite the children to recall what they know about the Holy Family's flight to Egypt.
  2. Tell them the Holy Family had to flee for their lives, but they were not afraid because God’s angel told them that they would be safe.
  3. Ask the children to think of a time when they were afraid and then to draw a picture of the event, including an angel telling them ‘Do not be afraid’.
  4. Provide the children with coloured paper and other colouring materials that they might want to use for their visual representations.
  5. Once the children have finished, invite them to share their visual representations with the rest of the children.
  6. Display their visuals somewhere in the room. Otherwise, encourage the children to share their artwork with family members at home.


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