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Laudato si’ at Christmas questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  03 December 2019

Read Living Laudato si’ at Christmas and take part in the following questions and activities. Ideas for environmentally friendly Christmas presents and celebrations.


  • Why is a ‘throwaway culture’ a concern?
  • How can you reduce landfill?
  • Where can you source foods for Christmas that are environmentally friendly? Hint: Local farmers markets.
  • Think of ways of sourcing Christmas presents that are environmentally friendly. For example, have a party with friends and ‘go shopping’ in each other’s wardrobes.


Give yourself: Design your own Advent /12 days of Christmas calendars (from Christmas to 6 January) by coming up with ideas to promote kindness. Ideas include: buy a drink for a stranger, give someone a hug or compliment, hold the door open for someone, stand up on public transport, do something unexpected for someone, tell a joke, donate a gift. Decorate your calendar and mark off the days. Use some of the ideas for Christmas presents. Perhaps make up a book of vouchers to be used when needed. For example, ‘This voucher entitles the bearer to one five-minute neck rub’; ‘This voucher entitles the holder to request the dishes be dried without complaining’.

Be present: Visit an elderly relative or friend and give them your full attention. Listen to them and share with them. According to Australia’s Institute of Health and Welfare social isolation and loneliness affects around one in four Australians. Social isolation and loneliness can be harmful to mental and physical health.

Permaculture and sustainable food systems: Research ecological projects such as understanding food systems, ways to be a sustainable food shopper or permaculture gardening which works with natural forces to provide food, shelter, water and everything else your garden needs. Look at setting up permaculture garden at home or at school.


Read or summarise Living Laudato si’ at Christmas and discuss with the class ways they can celebrate Christmas in a sustainable way.

My gift of love

Tell the children they are going to make a special gift for God that will be a reminder to show thanks to God for his great gifts.

  • Give each child a small paper bag, crayons, and a small piece of drawing paper.
  • Ask them to draw a picture of one of God's gifts and to draw or write how they will care for this gift of creation.
  • Suggest that they put the drawings inside their bags and decorate the bags to look like very special gift bags. Use ribbon and cut outs to from old Christmas cards to decorate the bags.
  • Conclude by asking them to take the bags home and put them in a place where they will be a reminder of God's love for them and their love for God.

Image: Advent calendar -


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