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Home in Australia: reflections and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  08 August 2018

pizzaRead Home in Australia and take part in the various reflections and activities.


  • When is Migrant and Refugee Sunday?
  • What were the problems that Ahmed, Noor and their three children face?
  • What would you do if you couldn’t go to school?
  • School is an important way of integrating into a community. Can you think of other ways that become integrated into a community.
  • How do migrants learn English? Do you know of any groups or people who help migrants with their English?


Read Pope Francis’ 20 points of action. In relation to the points promoted by Pope Francis, how does Australia stack up?

Unless you’re a First Nations member your ancestors would have arrived from somewhere else. If it was your parents or grandparents who came to Australia, talk to them about why they came. What was it like for them? Did they speak English? Have jobs? Where did they first live? Were they made welcome? First Nations students talk to your parents about where they came from and their attachment to the land? If they moved for work or education, did they feel welcome or did they feel as they were refugees in their own land.

Do a genealogical tree tracing your ancestors. If you know why they came, include that in your tree. If your ancestors came several generations back, do some investigation into the history of that time and hazard a guess about why they emigrated.

When you think about refugees do you think of people who have contributed to Australian society or are your perceptions negative? Why is that do you think? Can you think of anything you can do to help promote the contributions of refugees to Australian society?

For younger students

In Welcome the guest in Madonna magazine, Fr David Holdcroft SJ, writes about hospitality and how we show welcome. For most people welcome is offered when we share food together, which is why the Eucharist is so special. At Communion we share a feast with Jesus and each other.

Think about how you welcome people into your home. When you have guests, do you set the table differently? Do you dress up? How do you greet people at the door?  Draw a picture or write a story about how you show welcome.

Perhaps your class can share a meal with another class. How would you go about inviting them? Would you make invitations? What could you do to extend a welcome. And if you have a party, don’t forget to read Less waste, more party in Australian Catholics so it is an eco-friendly event.

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