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Creation story – questions and activities

Staff  |  16 October 2019

Read A story of Creation and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • Why were Aboriginal people unhappy with the removal of Mungo Man? How might scientists gain the insights they seek in studying artifacts from Indigenous cultures, while also working with those peoples today? 
  • Why does Jim believe Aboriginal people have so much to tell us in understanding our connection to creation? 
  • How does the story of Mungo Man and his beliefs fit in with the story of Creation as we know it? 


Imaginative exercise: ‘What would Mungo Man have to say to us today?’

Research exercise: Compare the stories of the world’s creation from Genesis/John’s Gospel, from the Aboriginal Dreamtime, and from science. How has each shaped the people who told that story’s view of the world? What wisdom can we draw from each of these accounts of creation? Why might we need more than one creation story?

Prayer exercise: Start by reading these reflections from Miriam Rose Ungunmerr. Now go outside and find a space. Listen to the world around you and pay attention to how you’re moved in that listening. Back in class there may be opportunity to share your experiences.

For younger students

Read or summarise the creation stories outlined in A story of Creation and discuss the Creation story from Genesis. Talk about the similarities and differences.

Activity: Praising Creation

As a class take turns in reading aloud Psalm 104.

Explain that they will be illustrating verses from the psalm and assign one or two verses to students.

Have them cut out photos and words from magazines or do their own drawings to illustrate verse(s).

Make a poster by putting together the verses and illustrations and display the poster in the room and use it for prayer.


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