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Catholicism idiosyncrasies – questions and activities

Michele Frankeni  |  21 November 2019

Read The weird and wonderful of Catholicism in the Summer 2019/20 edition of Australian Catholics and take part in the following questions and activities.


  • What other Church practices can you think of that could be difficult to explain to those outside the Church?
  • Speaking in tongues is a gift of the Holy Spirit. What other gifts of the Holy Spirit are there?
  • For Catholics the Eucharist becomes the body of Jesus Christ. How do other Christian religions consider Communion?


1. Research/imaginative exercise: How would you go about introducing one of these ‘weird and wonderful’ practices to non-Catholics? Research it and develop a video or podcast.

2. Saints: We don’t pray to saints but rather ask them to intercede for us in our prayers. Most activities have a patron saint. Pick a saint that you relate to – either a patron of an activity or whose feast day coincides with a special day in your life and write a short biography. Do they have relics associated with them? Where are those relics kept?


Read or summarise The weird and wonderful of Catholicism in the Summer 2019/20 edition of Australian Catholics.

Discuss some of the things Catholics do at Mass, at prayer, at certain liturgical times of the year.

Activity: Illustrated dictionary

Have your students make an illustrated dictionary to describe the one, holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church.

  • Assign each young person one or more words from the following word list, or let them choose another appropriate word beginning with the same letter of the alphabet: Apostolic, Bible, Catholic, Death/life, Ecumenical, Faith, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Holy, Iconography, Justice, Kingdom of God, Loving service, Mystery, Nicene Creed, One, Prayer, Queen of Heaven (Mary), Respect, Sacraments, Teachers (Church), Unity, Virtue, Witness, You (as in “You are the Church”), Zeal.
  • Distribute sheets of paper and have the young people do the following:
  • Print the first letter of the word as a large capital letter. Print the rest of the word in small letters.
  • Draw pictures to illustrate the word.
  • Define the word.
  • Using the word, write three sentences that tell something about the Church.
  • Assemble the pages into a book. Invite a volunteer to make a cover for it.
  • Display the book in a prominent place.


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