Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Two 2022

Michele Frankeni 17 May 2022

This term our main focus will be on the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In our winter edition of Australian Catholics magazine we explore the Spirit of Justice.

Here are some of the topics we’ll explore in Catholic Teacher over the coming weeks.

28 April – Faith and food
In a week that considers the connection between faith and food we consider a creative writing piece, titled ‘Under the olive trees’, which fills the gap of the Apostles’ experiences as they spread the Word of Jesus after his Ascension.

5 May – Relationship with the environment
We take a deep dive into the Catholic relationship to the environment, with a number of activities and ideas for teachers. We also remember our mothers and the women of influence in our lives in anticipation of Mother’s Day on 8 May.

12 May – Federal election
In preparation for the federal election, we explore ‘The politics of Jesus’, while the teacher notes emphasise the considerations for Christians at the time of political elections.

19 May – World Communications Sunday
The importance of listening with open hearts is emphasised as we prepare for World Communications Sunday on 22 May. We also prepare a number of resources to help schools mark the Ascension of Jesus into heaven.

26 May – Pentecost
On 5 June the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of Pentecost. Columnists Ann Rennie says the Holy Spirit is a Godly get-up-and-go that moves our lives. We commemorate Sorry Day and explore how we can ‘be brave and make change’, which is the theme for Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June).

2 June – Magis
Earlier this year as floods ravaged Queensland and New South Wales, many Catholic schools stepped up in the service of God and those in need. We explore how the spirit moved generous community responses. Other resources will focus on the environment, including ‘The spirit of ecological justice’ in preparation for World Environment Day on 5 June.

9 June – The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Understanding the gifts of the Holy Spirit feature this week. One young writer looks at how the gifts relate to our efforts to promote justice in the world, while another explores how the gifts have helped some of our favourite superheroes in their quests.

16 June – Social justice
What does social justice mean in schools and who are the star influencers of young people? We also look at how students in one NSW school are living out the spirit of justice.

23 June – Spirit bingo!
For a lighter look at the work of the Holy Spirit, take part in the game Spirit Bingo! Fun for the whole class or family.