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Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Two 2019

Michael McVeigh  |  02 May 2019

With our Winter 2019 edition, exploring mental health and wellness, due out later this month, here’s an outline of what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher for Term 2.

2 May: A universal undertaking

A look at human rights – what they’re about, how they were developed, and why they remain important tools for shaping our society today. Our editor Michael McVeigh takes a look at some of the historical Catholic links to our modern human rights framework. Our reflections and activities will encourage students to explore how a rights-based view on the world can shape our response to events – looking at examples from pop culture. 

9 May: Religious freedom

Religious freedom is at the heart of a number of recent debates in our media. Fr Justin Glyn SJ will look at how it has become such a hot button issue, and some of the questions that we’re being forced to confront as a society when it comes to the relationship between religious and non-religious communities.

16 May: Cyberbullying

In an article from our Winter 2019 edition, one of our young writers will explore the issue of cyberbullying – what it is, and how to confront it. In our reflections and activities we’ll encourage students to look at their own online behaviour, and develop a kit to help other young people learn how to be safe online.

23 May: Can saints show us how to live a healthy lifestyle?

Our world is full of messages about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle, but what are they really selling us? Can we learn more about what it means to live well by looking at the stories of saints? Two of our young writers will share the stories of saints that have inspired them in their lives. Our reflections and activities will encourage students to think about what it means to live a saintly life as opposed to a healthy life, and find some stories of saints that inspire them.

30 May: Homelessness

As winter begins, we turn our minds to those living without a home, who will be struggling at this time of year. Many communities will be taking part in Vinnies winter sleepouts. We’ll explore this issue, and encourage students to come up with some ways to support the homeless over this season.

6 June: Refugee Week

Refugee Week takes place from 16 to 22 June. In this edition we’ll feature the stories of refugees, and offer suggestions for students wanting to take part in the Week of Prayer and Action from the Catholic Alliance for People Seeking Asylum.

13 June: Wellbeing in schools

We’ll take a look at a project at a high school in Brisbane that has created a mental health space for students, and feature articles on how to promote wellness and reduce anxiety among primary school students. Our reflections and activities will encourage students to think about what they need to help them with their mental health, and look at initiatives to promote mental health among their own school community.

20 June: Celebrating First Nations Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday is the first Sunday in July. In this edition we’ll celebrate the contributions of First Nations Peoples to our Church, and offer ideas for schools in marking this event.

27 June: Accompaniment

What does it mean to accompany people who are suffering, particularly those with mental health issues? We’ll feature an interview with Dave Jorna, who shares his experiences of supporting people in his life as they struggle with mental health issues. We’ll also look at the issue of burn-out among religious community leaders, including principals and other school leaders.  



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