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Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Three 2019

Michael McVeigh  |  31 July 2019

With our Spring 2019 edition exploring families (in all their iterations) and family life due out later this month, here’s an outline of what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher for Term 3.

25 July: Ignatian discernment

Ignatian spirituality is about making the right choices for the right reasons. An abridged Ignatian 'Examen' is a daily check on feelings and goals, but also an essential guide to making the best choice.

1 August: St Mary of the Cross, Mary MacKillop

Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop celebrates her feast day on 8 August. To help mark the day we look at the virtues of St Mary MacKillop and offer a short paraliturgy. 

8 August: Feast of the Assumption

When Jesus named Mary the mother of John, he called her to be mother of the church, a church which celebrates on 15 August her entry into heaven. The Assumption of Mary is one of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary as well as being one of the church's most important Feast Days. In the Spring edition we imagine how Mary and Joseph might of reacted on being told that Jesus wasn't quite 'the right fit' for a particular school.

15 August: Fumbled knots and Migrant and Refugee Sunday

As Migrant and Refugee Sunday approaches, a young writer explores in poetry the journey of her father who came to Australia as a refugee from Vietnam. Also: A young mother talks about her experience of leaving most of her family behind in a refugee camp in Uganda when she was 15 and how she made a new life in Australia.

22 August: Care for Creation

From 1 September to 4 October (the Feast of St Francis of Assisi), Christians around the world celebrate the Season of Creation. St Francis is associated with nature and care of animals and is the patron saint of those who promote ecology. It is a time for prayer, action and advocacy. 

29 August: Three generations. One family story

Family life today is much different to what it was in the past, particularly when it comes to the choices available for women. An Australian Catholics' young writer interviewed her mother and grandmother and found that some of their choices and experiences influence her life today.

5 September: A saintly way of dealing with conflict

St Elizabeth of Portugal dealt with her fair share of family drama. However, her family's dysfunction had far reaching consequences as it embroiled the country in a civil war. Read about how she played peacemaker between her husband King Denis of Portugal and her son Afonso. (Hint: It took place on a battlefield.)

12 September: Food and family

In her first year of motherhood, Emilie Ng has discovered the importance of dinner time for families. She believes that in the same way the Eucharist, which Catholics believe to be a meal and a sacrifice is the centre of the Church, food in the form of a meal is the centre of the Domestic Church.

19 September: Foster care

Foster carers open their homes to support children who for various reasons may not be able to live at home. While there is a drastic shortage of people willing to become foster carers across the country, those who do take on the challenge mostly find it a wonderful and rewarding experience.



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