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Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Four 2020

Michael McVeigh  |  07 October 2020

This term, topics for Catholic Teacher will be a mix of ‘celebration’ stories from Australian Catholics’ Spring 2020 edition and stories and features of pilgrimage from the Summer 2020/21 edition.

Here’s an outline of what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher in Term Four.

8 October – Women in the Church

Pope Francis’ prayer intention for October is for The Laity’s Mission in the Church. The prayer is for all laity, especially women, to participate more in areas of responsibility in the Church. With the role of women in the Church in mind and the upcoming 10th anniversary of St Mary MacKillop of the Cross’ canonisation, we consider an imaginary journey by a young priest with St Mary MacKillop. This article appears in the Summer 2020/21 edition of Australian Catholics.

From the Spring 2020 edition we feature another imaginary article – a Letter to the founder of the Sisters of Mercy Catherine McAuley.

15 October – Being brothers and sisters

Pope Francis’ new encyclical letter Fratelli Tutti (Brothers and Sisters All), signed in Assisi, Italy on 3 October, is an invitation to dialogue among all people. Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ examines what the encyclical means for us.  

In the ‘Lifeblood of any celebration’ in the Spring 2020 edition of Australian Catholics, Peter Fleming considers the complexity of the relationship of the famous Biblical sisters Martha and Mary, as well as Martha’s relationship with Jesus.

22 October – Joy and thanksgiving

What role does joy play in your faith? Fr Andrew Hamilton’s article in the Spring edition explores this question.

From ‘Pin the Palm on the Donkey’ to the ‘Good Samaritan Relay Race’, we have eight great party games that focus on Bible stories. Fun and informative for RE classes or youth groups.

29 October – Growing in faith and Indigenous communities’ contribution

Elsie Heiss found solace in her faith as she grew up, created a community where she could feel at home, then spent much of her life helping the broader Catholic community grow in their understanding and acceptance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Indigenous sainthood – contributions of indigenous people to the church. Also, we consider the gift of Indigenous saints and the story of Nicholas Black Elk.

5 November – God’s guidance in our lives

The role of God in our life choices. Journalist Jo Hayes attributes her successful media career to the result of praying and listening to God, while students consider the lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

12 November – What of society’s rules does Jesus call on us to break?

Punk rocker Paulie Stewart has lived a wild life. But he says it’s his friends, Timorese nuns who dedicate their lives to caring for disabled children, who are the real rule breakers. Unusually for a couple in their mid-30s, Conor Ashleigh and his wife, Maryam, have put social justice commitments above prioritising personal financial security.

19 November – Making a pilgrimage

Any successful journey requires plenty of time in planning and preparation. Consider then the patron saint of pilgrims, St Bona of Pisa, who made her first great journey at the age of 14 and then dedicated her life to leading others on pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago. At the other end of the age scale, Miesje Blumer made her pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago at aged 70.

As Advent nears and we begin our journey toward Christmas, take part in our Gaming the Gospels: Joyful Christmas Surprises.

26 November – Climate action

Were the Biblical plagues of Egypt a result of a natural catastrophe? Whether or not that’s the case, it’s a timely reminder of our fragile place in the world and our duty to care for creation. Doing their bit for creation are eight secondary school-age students and Brigidine Sister Brigid Arthur who lodged an injunction in the Federal Court to prevent the federal environment minister Sussan Ley from giving final approval to a coal mine extension.

3 December – Paying attention

Simone Weil wrote ‘Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity’. We consider your life, and pay attention to the activities around us as we take the Advent journey and prepare for Christmas.  


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