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Catholic Teacher: Faith formation resources for Term Four 2019

Michael McVeigh  |  18 October 2019

Our Summer 2019/20 edition will explore ‘The Mystery of God’. We’ll be looking at some of the history of mysticism in the Church, the lives of Catholic mystics, and some tools for prayer and contemplation that might help adults and young people connect with God today.

Here’s an outline of what we have in store for you in Catholic Teacher in Term 4.

17 October – The wisdom of traditional cultures

Exploring the story of the discovery of Mungo Man, and what it tells us about the lives of people 40,000 years ago, along with the wisdom of Indigenous people today. What wisdom can cultures that have survived tens of thousands of years share with us to help us tackle issues like climate change and consumerism today?

24 October – A history of mysticism in Catholicism

A look at mysticism over the centuries, engaging with the wisdom and insights of some mystical saints, ahead of All Saints Day on 1 November. How can the wisdom of the saints help us to live better, more meaningful lives today?

31 October – The mystery of the Trinity

Is there a way that we can understand that Trinity that might help bring us into a closer relationship with God? This week, we’ll explore the doctrine of the Trinity and the images and metaphors that people have used to represent it.

7 November – Mysticism in Australian literature

Australian writers might not always speak about ‘God’, but they do explore themes of spirituality, meaning and creation in their work. In this edition, Elaine Lindsay from ACU will explore the different ways male and female authors have approached the topic.

14 November – Helping children engage with God

How can we help children and young people pray/meditate/engage with God? We’ll share some tips and prayer exercises for young people.

21 November – The weird and wonderful of Catholicism

There are some mystical aspects of Catholicism that can be hard to understand, let alone explain. We’ll explore some of these practices, and some of the worthwhile ideas about faith that they point us towards

28 November – To follow the light of a star

At Christmas we retell the story of the Magi, who undertook a journey to follow a star not knowing where it will end and what insights they might gain on the way. We’ll share an imaginative account of their journey, and ask students to reflect on when they have followed a sign to embark on a journey into the unknown.

5 December - Living Laudato Si’ at Christmas

We’ll finish the year with some practical ideas for environmentally-friendly Christmas presents and celebrations – including some creative projects that teachers can embark on with students.



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