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How green are you? (For younger students)

Staff |  01 August 2012

Time to take our green quiz and see how green of a kid you are! When you've done the quiz, go back over your answers and count how many times you selected A, B, C or D.

 1. How many cars does your family own?
A) 3 or more cars
B) 2 cars
C) 1 car
D) No cars

2. How long are your showers?
A) 15+ minutes
B) 10 - 15 minutes
C) 5 - 10 minutes
D) 2 - 5 minutes

3. Do you ever leave lights on in empty rooms?
A) Always
B) Only if I am going to be right back
C) Sometimes, accidentally
D) Never, I always turn them off

4. Do you leave on the TV, computer or your video games?
A) I leave it to use later
B) I put it on standby
C) I sometimes turn it off at the plug
D) I always make sure it is turned off at the plug

5. How often do you recycle?
A) Never
B) Only when I have to
C) Sometimes, but only for big recyclables
D) Always, even if the recyclables are small


Mostly As. You're as green as Oscar the Grouch.
You may not live in a trash can, but if you don't do more you may turn our planet into one. Shorter showers, recycling and turning off lights are just little things. Remember, every little bit counts!

Mostly Bs. You're as green as Shrek.
You can't just live in your little swamp and expect the rest of the world to care for the planet. You can help the planet by turning off your video games and remembering to recycle more! Soon, these will become habits.

Mostly Cs. You're as green as The Incredible Hulk.
You care about the planet. But like the Hulk, you don’t see how small careless actions hurt nature. You do the big things like turn off lights and take shorter showers. But just doing a bit extra, will help you be the green kid you want to be!

Mostly Ds. You're as green as Kermit the Frog.
It's not easy being green. But you're about as green as you can get. You do everything that you can to help the planet! Now all that is left to do is to spread the word!


Photo: Montecruz Foto; Flickr


Topic tags: sustainableliving, spiritualityandtheenvironment, environmentalissues, healthycommunitylife

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