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Koalas need our help (Lower primary: year 3 to 4)

Staff |  01 August 2012

The Koala are a special animal. They only live in Australia. We love our koalas. But, they are in danger. 

Across Australia, koalas are endangered. Endangered means there aren't many of them left.

Koalas are protected by Australia's law. Their home isn’t though.

Koalas lose their homes when we cut down trees. We use their land for farming and building. But it leaves them with nowhere to live. They have nothing to eat.

Koalas near towns and cities can be hit by cars. Dogs can attack them. They also can get sick.

It’s time to stand up for the koala. What can you do to help our koalas?

Save the Koala (To be read to students by teacher)

September is ‘Save the Koala’ month. Help the Australian Koala Foundation support koalas in need.

Visit their website and learn new things and help fundraise money for Australia's treasure: the koala.

Simply donate, adopt a koala or plant a tree. At work or school put a cute collection box on your desk or counter to raise much needed funds for the cause. Download the free fundraising kit and see what you can do at your local school. The possibilities are endless!

Did you know

Koalas that live in Southern parts of Australia have thicker skin than those in the north. This is so they can remain warm in the chilly southern winters.

There is no collective noun for a group of koalas as they do not travel or move in a group. Koalas like to be alone.

Questions and activities for 'Koalas need our help' (Lower primary: year 3 to 4)

1. Why is the koala important to Australia?
2. Why is it important to save the koala?
3. What must Australians do to help? What can you do?


Save the Koala: Plan a ‘Save the Koala’ day or week at your school this September. Your class could fundraise by a bake sale, rummage sale or collect money to give to the Australian Koala Foundation.


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