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Christianity in public life

07 May 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Christianity in public lifeJesus said, 'Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and render unto God the things which are God's.' But how do we decide how much our faith encroaches into the public square, and how much should be kept to ourselves?


07 May 2013 | Michael McVeigh

The world today is a lot like a vast bazaar filled with noise and lights, with people trying to distract us in one way or another, to make us feel we need to listen to their message above and beyond everything else. This bazaar is where we construct who we are, everything from our clothes and hairstyles, to football teams and political allegiances.

Unguarded moments: Making a noise, and making it clear

07 May 2013 | Ann Rennie

If we want to see the Church of the 21st century, we should look first to what's happening in our schools.

A letter to: The Pope

07 May 2013 | Michael McGirr

Dear Pope Francis,
There is so much I would like to say to you about so many topics that I have no idea where to start. So, if you could give me a few minutes, I'd simply like to share a memory.

Class discussion: Re-imagining art and religion

19 Feb 2013 |

Classroom discussion on 'Artist Portrait: Kerry Holland' from the Easter 2013 edition

In depth: The art of faith

19 Feb 2013 |

In depth resource on the art of faith from the Easter 2013 edition

Activities: The art of faith

19 Feb 2013 |

Activity for the 'In depth resource on the art of faith' from the Easter 2013 edition

Reflection: Madonna in prayer

19 Feb 2013 |

Reflection on Madonna in prayer from the Easter 2013 edition

Preserving treasures

18 Feb 2013 | Giselle Lapitan

Preserving treasuresHave you ever thought about how the great historical paintings we enjoy are preserved through the years? We decided to find out more about the world of art restoration.

Artist portrait: Kate Murphy

18 Feb 2013 | Michael McVeigh

Artist portrait: Kate MurphySydney-based Kate Murphy is a portrait artist. But instead of a brush she has a video camera, and instead of a canvas she has a television screen.

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181-190 out of 200 results.











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