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08 Oct 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

For many people what being Christian means is summed up in Jesus' words, 'Love one another'. Loving one another evokes many different pictures.

Christianity in public life

08 May 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Christianity in public lifeJesus said, 'Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's, and render unto God the things which are God's.' But how do we decide how much our faith encroaches into the public square, and how much should be kept to ourselves?

AC in the classroom: In the footsteps of St Paul the Evangelist

07 May 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

St Paul was an unusual person. But his letters and his life show what it means to be a Christian in today's world.

Why art matters in church

19 Feb 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Why art matters in churchWhen we think of art in churches we think of statues, paintings and stained glass windows, all of which are standard fixtures in places of worship. But artworks have also often caused controversy.

Bodies ‘r’ us

06 Jan 2013 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Bodies 'r' usOur bodies are the means by which we experience God and the world around us. Sometimes it is through the joy of running in the park, or a physical connection with someone we love. Other times, it happens through the pain of sickness and frailty. To respect and look after our bodies is to treasure God's precious gift to us.

Indigenous missions

17 Dec 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Indigenous missionsThere are many ways of seeing missions. Catholics describe the heroism of men and women who leave their own lands to bring the gift of faith to people who have never heard of Christ.

Faith as a journey

23 Sep 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Faith as a journeyPilgrimages have been a central part of the Catholic faith since its earliest days. The physical journeys we take in the name of Christ mirror and enhance the spiritual journeys we take as we seek to follow His example.

Catholics and the environment

01 Aug 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Catholics and the environmentDiscussion of the environment can be a turn off. The topic is vast and complicated, and it raises high passions.

Reflection: A Catholic angle

01 Aug 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Five useful things to know about the environment

The Church and education

30 Apr 2012 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

The Church and educationCatholic education has changed significantly since Jesus' followers set out into the world to teach people about faith. As it continues to evolve, diversify and respond to the times, its deeper aspects remain.

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