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The two voices in my mind – Poem

Tatiana Kurniawan  |  08 May 2019

When we feel anxious, it can be like there are two voices in our head competing for our attention. While one voice wants us to be ruled by fear, the other wants us to be free.

I don’t want to go to school,
Today or any other day!
The other kids will laugh at me,
And I know they won’t want to play. 

How do you know they won’t want to play
With amazing, brilliant you?
You’ll have so much fun today,
And make lots of new friends too.

I’m worried that I’ll do things wrong,
And when I try to do right,
I’ll be a major laughing-stock,
To everyone in sight.

How about we put your heavy,
Thoughts into a box?
Then we’ll throw that box away,
So your mind won’t be filled with rocks.

I don’t want to sit tomorrow’s test
What happens if I fail?
Will the teacher get angry at me
And send a letter home in the mail?

A lot of others feel this way but,
What matters is you do your best.
The best way to help you learn,
Is all they really want to test. 

And who thought up the swimming carnival?
What an absolutely rotten idea.
I’ll come last in all my races,
They’ll laugh… that’s my biggest fear.

It’s going to be a lot of fun
Cheering and splashing in the pool
You’ll get to swim with all your friends
And maybe even have a lolly or two.

I don’t want to have a go at that,
I’ll make some silly mistake.
I don’t understand why everyone says,
‘In life there are risks you have to take.’

But it’s OK to make mistakes sometimes
It’s the best way to learn something new
The most important thing is to have fun,

You can’t do that while you’re feeling blue

And what about all that stuff on TV,
Everyone in trouble on the news?
What if what happens to them happens to me
And their shoes become our shoes?

Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring
But in God we put our trust
He won’t give us more than we can handle
And in the end, all will be right and just.

Tatiana Kurniawan is a member of our young writers community.

Illustration: Becky Xie



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