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International Women's Day - 8th March

09 March 2018

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Women working together

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: While sometimes finding herself in the minority in advocacy work on women’s issues, Peg McEntee says it’s impo... 

Living up to the 'Catholic' label

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally says it's not easy being a Catholic in public life, particularly when you have your own struggles with the fait... 

Broadening the ideal of beauty

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Dannielle Miller once wrote a love letter in acceptance and gratitude to her own body. This is the essence of what she teaches young women to do: define beauty for themselves and... 

Tackling violence against women

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Our loved ones should be the people with whom we feel safest, yet for many that is not the case. More than a million women across Australia have exper... 

A positive path to success

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Sarah Wall has overcome injury and setbacks to become a successful netballer. We spoke to the Sydney Swifts player about the courage it takes to be a professional sportsperson.

Woman of the hour

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Four hundred years after her stand for women in the Church, Mary Ward's story still resonates. The news of Mary Ward's death in 1645 in York in England must have allowed the Inquisition officials to breathe a sigh of relief. She had claimed women could be trusted to be bot... 

Empowering women as mothers and leaders

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Can a mother really have a successful career and a happy family life? Prue Gilbert knows it’s possible if workplaces allow it. A mother of three herself, Prue is working with organisations across the country to support women in remaining in the workforce.

A woman of words and action

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Through the Sydney Story Factory, Catherine Keenan has set out to help disadvantaged children find their voice.



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