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Christmas Day - 25th December

26 December 2018

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Advent liturgy: A time of joyful expectation

Advent is the beginning of the Church’s Year. It is a time of promise, expectation and participation as we prepare for...

Advent liturgy: Why are we waiting?

Advent (from the Latin word adventus, meaning ‘coming’) is considered to be the beginning of the Church Year. For us in the Southern Hemisphere it is a time of...

PrayerBlog: God: Tiny, Unassuming, Lying at our Feet

To some of us it’s a time to pause, to reflect, to stand in awe. But to the vast majority of us it’s the silly season: a time of over-eating, drinking, buying, selling, worrying, partying, beaching, and pressured family gatherings. And don’t the silly season preachers love...

A letter to Santa

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: Dear Father Christmas, We are writing to let you know that your application for asylum in Australia has been denied. You will not be permitted to enter Australian airspace on December 24. The relevant matters are dealt with below. We are taking a bi-partisan approach to th... 

The 12 Days of Christmas Challenge

It’s up to us to find a compassionate solution to refugee issues. Commit yourselves to doing 12 things for refugees over the Advent period.

Three Kings in a Kombi Van

Content exclusive to AC+ subscribers: In a remote corner of the world, on a deserted road, sometime around the start of the new year... Sweet mother of the lord of the vast and unimaginable star... 



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