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Connecting teachers and students

01 Nov 2017 | Kate Mani

An education initiative between Townsville Catholic Education and James Cook University is listening to young Aboriginal and Torrens Strait Islander voices about what makes an effective classroom.

Prayer blog: The Strength and Blessing of Indigenous Family Life

27 Jun 2017 | Australian Catholic Bishops

The following is an edited excerpt from the Pastoral Letter from the Australian Catholic Bishops for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Sunday 2017:

Just a few months ago an Aboriginal Elder in the Kimberley, well advanced in years and at that time in poor health, wrote a letter a few weeks before his death. It was written in copperplate style, in blue ink on thin note paper and was several pages long. His instructions were that the priest at his funeral might share the letter with the mourners in attendance at the church.

NAIDOC Week Resources

22 Mar 2017 | Staff

Australians across the country will celebrate NAIDOC week, from 2 to 9 July. Australian Catholics magazine has put together the following collection of articles, reflections and classroom resources to help educators celebrate NAIDOC Week in their schools. 

Prayer blog: Reconciliation balances guilt and hope

12 Feb 2017 | Fr Andrew Hamilton SJ

Before the Apology to the Stolen Generations on 13 February 2008, many people canvassed the relative merits of symbolic reconciliation and practical reconciliation. Practical actions that will bear fruit demand listening with a humility born out of awareness of a destructive history, and taking time to listen and to build reconciliation, not simply to implement a policy. 

RE-cycled: Biodiversity and sustainability

30 Nov 2016 |

Year 3 students plant a biodiverse ‘Barramundi’ garden at St Finbar’s, East Brighton, VIC.

Reflection questions & activities for 'AC Classroom: Acknowledging our country’s traditional owners'

16 Nov 2016 | Clare Deignan

Reflection questions and activities for ‘AC Classroom: Acknowledging our country’s traditional owners’ in the Christmas 2016 edition

AC Classroom: Acknowledging our country’s traditional owners

31 Oct 2016 | Francine Crimmins

Aboriginal people have existed in Australia for over sixty thousand years, making them the oldest surviving people in the world. While this is something we should celebrate, we also must remember the hurt and struggle that many First Nations People continue to face due to the loss of sacred sites and traditional culture. The ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ is one of the ways in which Catholic communities can recognise our relationship with Aboriginal people.

The kujika from Yanyuwa

17 Aug 2016 | Dinelle Hettiarachchi

Malarndirri McCarthy is an award winning journalist who was elected to the senate in July this year. She was kind enough to take spend some time on the line with us during our internship week in May, and we had some questions for her about her career and her Indigenous heritage.

Reflection questions and activities for ‘The kujika from Yanyuwa’

17 Aug 2016 | Staff

Reflection questions and activities for ‘The kujika from Yanyuwa’ in the Spring 2016 edition

Sneaky Jesus songs: 'Blackfella/ Whitefella' by Warumpi Band

31 May 2016 | Staff

A ‘Sneaky Jesus song’ might not be a religious tune, but when you listen to the lyrics it could easily be mistaken for one. 

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1-10 out of 44 results.